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    2022 WCC Swim Team Only Members

    This form is for those who want to be Swim Team Only Members, meaning that you are not a WCC Golf or Swim/Tennis Member. Use this easy process to register your child/children for the 2021 WCC Swim and Dive Team. Payment can only be made online through this checkout process. If you have any questions about the registration process do not hesitate to contact Amy Harper (606-560-0147) for help!

    *If you ARE a Golf or Swim/Tennis member of the club, please go back and complete the "Golf or Swim/Tennis Members" Registration Form, otherwise you will end up paying the additional Swim Team Only Member fee!

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    Volunteer Acknowledgement Section

    Swim and dive meets are run entirely on volunteer manpower, thus being a part of our team means each family will be responsible for volunteering during meets. Please read the following before continuing with registration:

    I understand that my child's participation on the WCC Swim and Dive team includes a parent volunteer requirement.  Our swim family agrees to work at least four half meet shifts (each meet consists of two halves) during the regular season.  I acknowledge that I will be fined $200 if I fail to fulfill this requirement and that failure to pay this fine will result in my child's suspension from the WCC Swim and Dive Team for the period of one year.  If you are unable to work during swim meet times, there will also be other opportunities to meet your volunteer requirements, please keep an eye out for emails and FB posts regarding these opportunties.  If you have extenuating circumstances, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Kasey Moore.

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    Swim Team Only Membership Restrictions

    I acknowledge that, as a Swim Team Only Member, my swimmers will not be able to swim at the WCC pool before or after practice. I agree to leave the pool area after practice is over. Exceptions to this will be made for special swim team events. (Please note, if you decide to become a Golf or Swim & Tennis Member, your $175 membership fee will go towards your new membership fees)

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